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Notice Number:No.9 

Name:Exeter Resignalling - Stage 1A - Exeter St. David's / Crediton / Stoke Cannon 

Railway / Region:British Rail (Western Region) > Western Region

Date of Issue:March 1985 

Date of Effect:Friday, 29th March - Monday, 1st April, 1985 

Description:New Exeter panel box opened.

Cowley Bridge Junction and Exeter Middle closed.

Stoke Cannon Down Main Home, Down Main Distant, Up Main Home, Up Main Distant and Up Main Starting signals all taken out of use and replaced by a new 3-aspect Up Home (capable of displaying red or green only), 291 yds from Stoke Cannon SB, a new 3-aspect Down Home 559yds from the SB and a new 3-aspect Down Distant (capable of displaying yellow or green only) 2914 yds from the SB.

Stoke Cannon given the prefix 'SC'.

DM193, E56 and E256 all only capable of displaying red or yellow.

All Exeter West's semaphore signals on the west end of the platforms at Exeter St David's recovered and replaced with MAS signals, all fixed at red. (E160, E260, E60, E360 and E460) Down WR and Up SR departures signalled by hand.

Exeter Middle layout remodelled and simplified.

Absolute Block between Stoke Cannon and Exeter West abolished and replaced with TCB throughout.

Electric Token Block between Cowley Bridge Junction and Crediton replaced by TCB. Commencement/End of single line boards removed.

Up RA indicators provided at Exeter St David's for platforms 6, 5, 4, 3 and 1, on signals E137, E37, E237, E337, E437 respectively. Platforms also fitted with 'OFF' indicators for the signals concerned.

All new signals equipped with AWS except signals in Riverside Yard and Hyde Park.

AWS supression provided between Cowley Bridge Junction and Crediton, 'Cancelling' boards removed.

Red Cow Level Crossing made CCTV from Exeter. Attendant retained. 

Signal Box(es) involved:OPENED: Exeter
CLOSED: Cowley Bridge Junction, Exeter Middle
ALTERED: Stoke Cannon, Exeter West.

Issued by:R. J. Poynter, Regional Operations Manager, SWINDON. Ref 95/TS/1116 

Issued from:125 House Swindon 

Size:Foolscap booklet. 

Colour:Yellow cover, white diagrams. 

Scans:1985 - 9 Exeter Stage 1A.pdf (2405KB)

Known Copy Owners:Edward. (Private owner). (Private owner). signalman.

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Record:Added: Edward
Added: 01/01/00 00:00.
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