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Notice Number:No.12 

Name:Exeter Resignalling - Stage 3 - Tiverton Junction (inclusive) to Silk Mill (exclusive) 

Railway / Region:British Rail (Western Region) > Western Region

Date of Issue:March 1986 

Date of Effect:Saturday 1st March - Monday 3rd March 1986 

Description:Green aspect on UM181 brought into use.

Green and second yellow aspects on UM180A brought into use.

Tiverton Junction's TJ124 made automatic and renumbered UM180B, with green, double yellow and single yellow aspects only.

TJ10 made automatic and renumbered DM179.

TJ2 renumnered E40, with green, double yellow and single yellow aspects and position 1 route indicator only.

TJ2R made automatic and renumbered DM177B.

TJ2RR made automatic and renumnered DM177A.

Silk Mill Crossing Up Distant taken out of use. A new 4-aspect signal SM49R (capable of displaying yellow and green only) brought into use. Green indicating line clear to Taunton West Up Home.

New 4-aspect signal SM49 provided (but with second yellow, position 4 JI, and position light aspect all out of use). Green indicating line clear to Cogload Up Home.

The second yellow aspect of UM168, both yellow aspects of E73 and the red aspects of E30R and SM49RR all out of use.

Absolute block between Silk Mill Crossing and Tiverton Junction replaced by TCB between Silk Mill Crossing and Exeter.

New facing crossover provided at Whiteball CCE Siding. New crossovers provided at Tiverton and Up & Down Mains brought into use. 

Signal Box(es) involved:CLOSED: Tiverton Junction

Issued by:Wellington 

Issued from:Whiteball 

Size:Foolscap booklet. 

Colour:Yellow cover, white diagrams. 

Scans:1986 - 12 Exeter Stage 3.pdf (544KB)

Known Copy Owners:Edward. (Private owner). (Private owner).

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Record:Added: Edward
Added: 01/01/00 00:00.
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