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Notice Number:No.27 

Name:Exeter Resignalling - Stage 7
Dainton Tunnel (exclusive) to Totnes (inclusive)

Railway / Region:British Rail (Western Region) > Western Region

Date of Issue:October 1987 

Date of Effect:Saturday 7th November - Monday 9th November 1987 

Description:Totnes Signal Box taken out of use and area controlled from Exeter.

Yellow aspect on DN.219 brought into use.

T.100 on the DM recovered. New two-aspect (red/green) signal E.100 provided approximately 350 yards nearer Plymouth.

Signal T.298 provided with position light and stencil indicator 'US' for the route to the Up Siding and renumbered E.298.

Two-aspect (yellow/green) signal T.1 replaced by a three-aspect signal numbered E.1R, capable of displaying single yellow, double yellow, green, or flashing single yellow aspects.

Totnes signals renumbered: T.203/6 becomes E.203, T.3/4 becomes E.3, T.58 becomes E.734, T.2/5 becomes E.1.

Flashing yellows provided on E.94 (when E.96 cleared to Down Platform Loop (E.198)) and E.1R (when E.1 cleared to Up Platform Loop (E.203)).

Supervision of release instrument at Totnes for Dart Valley Line train staff transferred to Exeter SB.

Up & Down Main trailing crossover secured out of use. New Up & Down Main facing crossover provided at London end of station.

Track Circuit Block working Exeter - Totnes and Totnes - Exeter amended to apply Exeter - Plymouth directly.

All stop signals have direct communication with Exeter Signal Box (E).

AWS at all signals capable of displaying a main aspect except E.296. 

Signal Box(es) involved:OPENED: -
CLOSED: Totnes

Issued by:R. J. Poynter, Regional Operations Manager Swindon. Ref 95/TS/1116 

Issued from:125 House Swindon 


Colour:Yellow cover, white pages 


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Record:Added: Edward
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