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Notice Number:No.36 

Name:Reversible Signalling between Severn Tunnel East (Ableton Lane) and Severn Tunnel Junction 

Railway / Region:British Rail (Western Region) > Western Region

Date of Issue:November 1989 

Date of Effect:Friday 1 December - Tuesday 5 December 1989 

Description:Bi-directional signalling provided through Severn Tunnel.

At Severn Tunnel East:

New facing crossover brought into use (600).

N164 repositioned 790yds closer to Bristol as a 2-aspect with routes to the Up Tunnel and Down Tunnel. New signal N264 provided on the same structure applying to moves down the Up Tunnel, also provided with routes to the Up Tunnel and Down Tunnel. New signal N264R provided in rear.

New signal N287 provided Newport side of Ableton Lane Tunnel opposite N187, applying to mvoes up the Down Tunnel, with routes to the Down Tunnel and Up Tunnel. New N287R provided in rear, opposite N187R.

At Severn Tunnel Junction:

New signal N270 provided opposite N170 for moves down the Up Tunnel, with a route to the Down Main only. N270R provided in rear (opposite N168R)

Position 4 JI on N181 re-defined to signal up trains to cross to the Down Tunnel at Severn Tunnel Junction. New position 5 JI assumed old position 4 JI's meaning, ie up trains towards Lydney (Up Main).

GPL J23 replaces LOS on Down Tunnel.

New emergency red lights and gradient marker lights provided for trains in the wrong direction, opposite existing installations.

AWS not provided in the wrong direction, nor supression on existing magnets. SIMBIDS boards provided.

White warning lights at Sudbrook Shaft extinguished by any approaching train, regardless of line or direction.

Telephones not provided on SIMBIDS lines.

Patrolman's lockout devices provided at Ableton Lane, Sudbrook and Severn Tunnel Junction.

[Note dates on the notice were subsequently altered by wire to Friday 5th to Tuesday 9th January] 

Signal Box(es) involved:ALTERED: Newport

Issued by:R. J. Poynter, Regional Operations Manager, SWINDON. Ref 95/TS/11738 

Issued from:125 House Swindon 

Size:A4 booklet 

Colour:Yellow cover, white diagrams. 

Scans:1989 - 36 Severn Tunnel.pdf (173KB)

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