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Notice Number:No.57 

Name:Opening of NEW SIGNALLING CENTRE AT SLOUGH and Partial Resignalling at Paddington Stages 1.2 and 1.3
[Up & Down Relief, Lines 5 & 6, Plats 10-14]

Railway / Region:British Rail (Western Region) > Western Region

Date of Issue:August 1992 

Date of Effect:Thursday, 22 October and Monday, 2 November 1992 

Description:Slough New IECC opened.

Stage 1.2 - Up & Down Relief Lines 2m 20ch into Paddington reopened with renamings. Paddington Platforms 10-14 reinstated. Carriage Reception Line reopened bi-directionally signalled by Slough New. Kensall Green Carriage Cleaning Platform, Carriage Line 2 used in Up direction only. Carriage line 1 fir Down direction only.

Stage 1.3a and 1.3b - Up Engine and Carriage Line joined to No.1 Siding at 0m 60ch and Up E&C Line removed beyond.

Stage 1.3c - Down Main line taken OOU between signal oo.4 and 2m 40ch. Up/Up & Down Engine and Carriage Line, and flyover, taken OOU. Up/Up & Down E&C line converted to temporary Down Main

Stage 1.3d - Up Main slewed into Down Main at 2m 40ch and Up main taken OOU. Temporary Down Main via No.1 Siding

Extensive remodelling and new signalling 

Signal Box(es) involved:OPENED: Slough New IECC
ALTERED: Old Oak Common

Issued by:A P Hancock, Operations Manager, InterCity Great Western 

Issued from:125 House, Swindon 



Scans:1992 - 57 Paddington Stages 1.2 and 1.3.pdf (4046KB)

Known Copy Owners:(Private owner), dormergreen, Edward, JonS, (Private owner), (Private owner), signalman, Stumpytrain,

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Record:Added: Edward
Added: 01/01/00 00:00.
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