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Notice Number:WTS.7 

Name:Port Talbot East Resignalling: Pontyclun Station - Baglan Station 

Railway / Region:Network Rail > Western

Date of Issue:February 2007 

Date of Effect:03.30 Tuesday 10 April 2007 

Description:- New Westcad workstation in Port Talbot Panel Box replacing redundant part of Panel controlling all Signalling between the fringe to Cardiff Panel at Pontyclun and Baglan Station.
- Goods lines converted for passenger use: Pencoed Up Loop, Stormy Down and Up Loops, Margam Moors Junction to Margam Abbey Works East Junction Down and Up Branch lines, Margam Abbey Works East Junction to Margam Yard Junction Down/Up OVE single line and Down and Up Margam OVE Loop lines, Margam Yard Junction to Margam Middle Junction Down Relief, Port Talbot East (Taibach) to Margam East Junction Up Relief, Port Talbot East (Taibach) to Port Talbot Station West Down Relief.
- New signalling for movements to and from Margam Depot.
- Main-aspect turnback signalling at Bridgend on the Down Main towards VOG (replacing PLS PT.697), Up Main towards Maesteg or Up Main (down direction), and to reverse on the Maesteg line at Bridgend when Tondu is closed. Also at Port Talbot Down Main Platform for up trains (replacing PLS PT.604).
- Cardiff's C.40 adjusted from 4-aspect MAS to 3-aspect searchlight and C.1 adjusted from 3-aspect MAS to 3-aspect searchlight 700 yards closer to Bridgend.
- Intermediate signal in Tremains Down Plassenger Loop recovered.
- New SPADI at Margam East Junction for PT.3052 (Up Main) and PT.3358 (Up Relief).
- New flashing single yellow aspects on: PT.3016 when PT.3014 cleared for Pencoed Up Passenger Loop; PT.3015 when PT.3017 cleared for Tremains Down Passenger Loop; PT.3033 when PT.3035 cleared for Stormy Down Passenger Loop; PT.3042 when PT.3040 cleared for Stormy Up Passenger Loop; PT.3045 when PT.3047 cleared for Margam Down Branch Passenger Line.
- New flashing double and single yellow aspects on: PT.3032 and PT.3030 respectively when PT.3028 cleared for Down Main at Bridgend, Llynfi Junction; PT.3060 and PT.3058 respectively when PT.3056 cleared for the Up Relief at Port Talbot East (Taibach).
- Bridgend River Bridge Ground Frame, Port Talbot Up Sidings Ground Frame recovered. Bridgend River Bridge emergency crossover and Port Talbot Up Sidings connection motorised and controlled from Port Talbot.
- Shunter's acceptance plunger provided in connection with Port Talbot Up Sidings.
- Pencoed Crossing Box closed. Crossing made CCTV from Port Talbot.
- Coychurch R/G lights fitted with wrong-direction controls.
- Reversible signalling provided: Down Main for up traffic between Margam East Junction and Bridgend River Bridge (or Barry Junction for VOG trains); Up Main for down traffic between Bridgend Station West and Margam Moors Junction; Down Main for up traffic between Port Talbot Station and Port Talbot East (Taibach).
- Patrolman's lockout devices (LOD(P)) provided at Bridgend Station, Pyle Station and Port Talbot Up Sidings (and Port Talbot Signal Box?) for the reversible section Down Main Bridgend Llynfi Jn to Margam East Jn and Up Main Margam Moors Jn to Bridgend Llynfi Jn.
- New signals prefixed: PT.30xx on Main Lines, PT.33xx on Loop Lines, PT.34 on branches and PT.36xx on reversible signals.
- HABD on Up Main between Port Talbot Station and Port Talbot East (Taibach) recovered and new HABD on the Up Main at Baglan Station. 

Signal Box(es) involved:CLOSED: Pencoed Crossing Box
ALTERED: Port Talbot, Cardiff

Issued by:Area Operations Manager, Network Rail Western, Cardiff. Ref TS/665 

Issued from:Milford House, Swindon 

Size:A4 sprial bound book with plastic cover. 

Colour:Yellow cover and pages, white diagrams. 


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