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Notice Number:NR/GW/14 

Name:Newport Area Signalling Renewal Phase 1A - Patchway / Caldicot and Maindee East Junction 

Railway / Region:Network Rail > Great Western

Date of Issue:October 2009 

Date of Effect:04.30 Monday 4th January 2010 

Description:OPENING OF NEW SOUTH WALES CONTROL CENTRE AT CARDIFF with VDU-based signalling control system (VSCS).

Severn Tunnel Junction moved to the Cardiff side of the station.

New platform 4 line at Severn Tunnel Junction.

Signalling in the above areas previously controlled from Bristol and Newport transferred to SWCC.

Pilning Loops and Severn Tunnel Up Loop converted to Passenger status.

New routes for reversing moves at Severn Tunnel Junction.

Signals converted to single- or double-lens LEDs.

Pilning Loops adjusted to make it possible to route from the Down Loop to the Up Tunnel (Reversible).

AWS provided for reversible routes through the Severn Tunnel.

Bishton Crossing Box retained.

Two Westcad workstations in SWCC
- Severn Tunnel Workstation: Patchway and Caldicot to Llanwern East
- East Usk Workstation: Llanwern East to East Usk Junction, including East Usk Yard East and the Uskmouth Branch.

Signals prefixed 'NT'.

NT.10xx - Main Lines (except Gloucester Lines)
NT.12xx - Relief Lines
NT.13xx - Goods Lines and Loops
NT.14xx - Gloucester Line Signals
NT.16xx - Reversible Signals on the Main Lines.
NT.1730 - Turn back signal on DR at Severn Tunnel Junction.
NT.60xx - Position Lights

New fringes:
Down- B.114, B.243, B.343 are Bristol's last. NT.1003 is SWCC's first.
Up- NT.1008 is SWCC's last, UT.7 is Bristol's first.

Down- N.188 is Newport's last, NT.1457 is SWCC's first.
Up- NT.1460 is SWCC's last, N.157 is Newport's first.

East Usk Jn
Down Main- NT.1053 is SWCC's last, N.218 is Newport's first.
Down Relief- NT.1255 is SWCC's last, N.418 is Newport's first.
Up Main- N.131 is Newport's last, NT.1054 is SWCC's first.
Up Relief - N.331 is Newport's last, NT.1256 is SWCC's first.

Auto plates are being RETAINED on auto signals!

Semaphore signals recovered at East usk Junction.

NT.1036PRI installed on Up Main to give advanced indication of route at Severn Tunnel Junction.

NT.1049 and NT.1252 provided with position 1 junction indicators covered out of use with X-bags to be brought into use later when the new junction at Llanwern West is commissioned.

"Short Signal Sections" on Down Main fringe (NT.1053 to N.218) and Down Relief fringe (NT.1255 to N.418) at Maindee East. Yellows stepped back.

Several 4-aspect signals at Maindee East replaced with 3-aspects: N.131, N.331, N.129, N.329.

Severn Tunnel Junction East GF abolished.

Several connections at East Usk Junction out of use (705, 706, 710, 704)

Axle counters in use throughout new SWCC area. GSM-R IVRS in operation.

Line names changed:
Pilning Up Goods -> Pilning Up Loop
Pilning Down Goods -> Pilning Down Loop
Up Tunnel Goods Loop -> Up Tunnel Loop

East Usk Junction Box formally abolished (already fire-damaged). East Usk Yard, Uskmouth Branch and the No1 Reception Line now all under the control of SWCC. Acceptance slots abolished. No changed to method of block working on Uskmouth Branch (one train staff). Staff with Annett's key on now locked in instrument at East Usk Junction released by signalman at SWCC. Fisxed distant and stop boards all renewed.

Hot axle box detectors at Filton Junction (Up Bristol), Caldicot (Down Main) and Bishton (Up Main) and (Up Relief) all now read out to SWCC. 

Signal Box(es) involved:OPENED: South Wales Control Centre
CLOSED: East Usk Junction formally closed (already burned down)
ALTERED: Newport, Bristol

Issued by:For Area General Manager, Wales & Marches, CARDIFF. Ref: TS/665 

Issued from:Temple Point, Bristol. 


Colour:Yellow cover and pages, white diagram. 


Known Copy Owners:(Private owner). Edward. (Private owner). (Private owner). Stumpytrain.

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Record:Added: Edward
Added: 16/10/09 21:38.
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