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NR/LNE No.1 - August 2004
St. Pancras to Regents Canal Junction - Commissioning of the Down Fast and Up Fast Lines and Signalling between the St Pancras Eastern Interim Station and Regents Canal Junction.
NR/LNE No.2 - November 2004
Greatham - Commissioning of Greatham Interlocking and Signalling between Billingham and Cliff House Signal Boxes.
NR/LNE No.3 - March 2005
North London Incline - Commissioning of the re-aligned North London Incline between Copenhagen Junction (Formerly Freight Terminal Junction) on the ECML and Camden Road Central Junction on the NLL.
NR/LNE No.4 - August 2005
Between Allington Jn and Barkston East Jn Barkston South Jn and Ancaster Nottingham Branch Jn and Bottesford West Jn - Also the commissioning of the Allington Chord.
NR/LNE No.5 - November 2005
Between Peterborough Station And Werrington Junction
NR/LNE No.6 - January 2006
Between Moorthorpe Junction (exclusive) And Milford Junction (exclusive) - Ferrybridge Resignalling
NR/LNE No.7 - March 2006
Between Glen Parva Junction And Nuneaton
NR/LNE No.8 - June 2006
St. Pancras to Kentish Town - Commissioning of St Pancras Midland Mainline Station Platforms 1 - 4 and a new section of the Down Fast and Up Fast Lines and Signalling between the new Station and North of Dock Junction South.
NR/LNE No.9 - June 2006
Between Pontefract West Junction (exclusive) And Sudforth Lane (exclusive) And Norton (exclusive)
O Dscr. 
NR/LNE No.10 - October 2006
Brightside Resignalling - Between Nunnery Main Line Junction and Wincobank Junction
O Dscr. 
NR/LNE No.11 - February 2007
Abolition of Cliff House Signalbox and signalling renewal works between Greatham Signalbox (67m 28ch) and Stranton Signalbox (71m 22ch)
NR/LNE No.12 - Not issued
Work cancelled and notice never produced. Would have related to new connections on the North London Incline in connection with the CTRL St Pancras project.
[This notice does not exist. It may not have been published yet, or it may have been cancelled and never issued.]
NR/LNE No.13 - May 2007
East Midlands Resignalling Part 1A - Between Trowell Junction to Coney Green Junction (Exc.) and Kirkby Lane End Junction (Exc.)
NR/LNE No.14 - September 2007
Between Calder Bridge Junction (Exc.) to Pontefract West Junction (Exc.) & to Hare Park Junction (Exc) & Crofton East Junction to Oakenshaw South Junction
O Dscr. 
NR/LNE No.15 - Between Monday 1 September and Monday 8 September 2008
Working of the lines between Stretton and Morton Jn (exclusive) to Tapton Jn (inclusive)
O Dscr. 
NR/LNE No.16 - Monday 1 September 2008
Affecting the working of the lines between: LN170 Werrington Jn and Flyover East (via Lincoln), LN200 Wrawby Jn and Pelham St Jn, LN206 Staythorpe Crossing and West Holmes Jn, LN215 Boultham Jn and Pyewipe Jn
NR/LNE No.17 - December 2008
Newcastle - Carlisle (West Line) Life Extension Works External Renewal - Between Long Byre and Naworth "(Exclusive)"
O Dscr. 
NR/LNE No.18 - May 2009
Milner Royd Jn and Bradley Wood Jn., Greetland Jn. and Dryclough Jn.
O Dscr. 
NR/LNE No.19 - July 2009
Working of the lines between Trent East Jn (excl.) (Erewash Lines), Trent South Jn (excl.) (High Level Lines) and Attenborough Jn (excl.) (Attenborough Curve) and Trowell South Jn (excl.) (Erewash Lines)
O Dscr. 
NR/LNE No.20 - Sunday 27 December 2009
Working of the lines between Loughborough North Jn (exclusive) and Spondon Station (exclusive) and Stenson Jn (exclusive) and Long Eaton Jn (exclusive) and Meadow Lane Jn (exclusive) and Attenborough Station (inclusive). Also Ratcliffe North Jn (inclusive) to Ratcliffe Power Station (exclusive). Also Trent East Jn (inclusive) to Sheet Stores Jn (inclusive). Also Meadow Lane Jn (exclusive) to Attenborough Jn (inclusive).
NR/LNE No.21 - August 2010
Seamer SB - Falsgrave Signalling Renewals & Track Remodelling - Between Seamer West Junction And Scarborough Station
NR/LNE No.22 - August 2010
Alterations Affecting the working of the lines Between Seaton Carew Junction and Ryhope Grange
O Dscr. 

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